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Personalized Board Games

Crush Your Competitions ATTEMPT at Advertising!
521 Promo is the industry leader for personalized board games. Our personalized board games are made with the highest quality material and with utmost care! There are several competitors that also create personalized board games and most times you are waiting on missed deadlines, high cost and no poor quality. Here at 521 Promo our mission is to provide you with the best customer service and customized board games possible. We won't be happy until every single customer is satisfied.

We have several options available for every budget. We can create completely customized board games, Custom Monopoly style games, custom dice and even custom card games.

We are in the custom board game business for the pleasure, joy and passion we have for creating such masterpieces. Please do not mistake our low custom board game cost for poor quality. We have a low overhead and in turn will pass that savings onto you.

Custom Monopoly "style" Games are great for corporate events, parties, giveaways, Fund Raisers and so much more! With our Custom Monopoly Games you can customize the deeds, box top and bottom, board spaces and center, 2 set's of 16 game cards, the money, houses & hotels, and even the pewter playing pieces. We also have the lowest min order in the industry ONLY 1 game!

Do not be afraid if you have an amazing idea for a customized board game and have no way to create it. We have several very experienced artist that can design the game for you from concept to completion.

Custom Monopoly Games

Custom Opoly
Customized Monopoly Games
Personalized Monopoly Games

Custom Board Games
Customized Board Games
Personalized Board Games
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Custom Dice

Custom Dice
Custom dice are an amazing promotion for those with a lower budget. We have several different custom dice options to choose from. NEW POKER DICE! Please contact us for details.

Custom Dice

Custom Opoly Games

SPECIAL!Custom Monopoly
We are now running a special on our 500 piece pricing for the Custom Opoly Games. Be sure to check those out! Please contact us for more details and special pricing. Hurry this special won't last very long.

Custom Monopoly Games
Customized Board Games Customized Board Games
Customized Board Games are an amazing way to promote your company, brand name, special event or party and so much more! Personalized board games can bring so much life to any advertising campaign. We can create custom plastic moulds, painted figurines, custom pewter pieces, custom board sizes. Just about anything you can image we can create!
Customized Monopoly Game Fund Raiser?
That's right we have great fund raising opportunities using custom monopoly games. There is no monetary investment on your part. Please contact us for more information on fund raising with custom opoly games, and other products from 521 Promo!
Custom Games Imprinted Games
Imprinted games are games already created where we just imprint your logo on the box or board of the games. These are great for those with a tighter budget, which we all know in this economy is most! Imprinted games convey your message just as well, even though the entire game is not customized with your company information, your logo is guaranteed to be present every time that game is played.
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